Trade Recap 4/17/16

I’m happy to report that this week had much more trade opportunities compared to last week. Whether it’s the pace of the current war or other market factors, the general spread of market prices has been the most generous that I’ve seen in a long time. Until this week, I was not able to comfortably place buy orders for T2 modules or ships, but ultimately I was glad I did.

Due to the increased trade volume this week, I had to take a really good look at where to seed them. The Amarr market hub was surprisingly weak for me during this period; goods simply weren’t selling at the pace that I was expecting.

Ichoriya did reasonably well considering how much I have seeded there, however I’ve found that it had a much more active T2 module market by volume comparison. This is definitely something that I will pursue as a T2 producer.



As you can see, the top trades of the week were ships. Most notably, the most successful trade for the week has been the Helios. Along with this T2 ship, I was also able to make progress with some T2 modules. I seeded all the T2 items and ships in Jita, but if the current price spread continues, I will see about seeding them outside of Jita to see how well they do.

For the following weeks, I intend to investigate the viability of directly seeding into low sec stations. If the numbers looks good, I will place some test market orders to see real time activity. With jump freighter capability, I feel this is worth looking into.

Thanks for reading and happy trading.


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