Trade Recap 4/10/16

This week in trade has seen less action than the previous week. I simply couldn’t get my buy orders to get matched as quickly as I did before. One notable change this week has been setting up more sell orders in Ichoriya. I’ve historically used this system to tap into the Caldari / Gallente Faction Warfare market.

The volume of sales in Ichoriya are much lower than the trades I did in Jita and Amarr obviously. However, the ISK net profit / unit of sale far outpaced most of the sales that were completed in the traditional trade hubs.

Meta modules were not as attractive a market that I thought it would be before committing to this move. In the future, I will see about testing T2 modules to see how well they do. Although I don’t particularly trade in T2 modules, I produce them regularly. Hopefully seeding them in Faction Warfare markets will yield more ISK net profit / unit of sale compared to traditional trade hubs.


The loss in Kestrels and Executioners were inevitable. The price ranges for these items seemed too inflated to have been profitable in the long term.

Concerning T1 ship trades, I am seeing a fairly large spread on buy / sell orders on Talwars and Algos. However, I would caution against these items if you don’t have the stomach for large daily price swings. Currently, the ceiling seems to have been hit on these items and sell orders in Jita are trending down closer to the 10% mark.

This week, training was completed on my third trade character. I will see about finding a fourth market hub to test. My first instinct would be a less populated market hub like Hek, but I will have to look at the trade volume to see if it will be worthwhile.

Thanks for reading and I hope this has given you some ideas on future trades.


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