Trade Recap 4/3/16

I am Roedyn and I trade regularly as a form of passive income to fuel my activities in game. One of the first things a new trader will often ask is, “what should I trade in?” Although simple, this question is not nearly as relevant as knowing WHY an item is good to trade in. Unfortunately, that answer will only come with a better understanding of not just the market but also consumer behavior.

As part of my methodology to discovering potential trades, the main indicator I use is volume. Just because an item has a wide price range between buy and sell price doesn’t automatically make it an instant order for me.

Besides the technical indicator of volume, I also use my knowledge of the markets that I use outside of Jita. Recently, I have switched strategies and am now putting buy orders in Jita with the intention of selling it in another market.

Now let’s look at the winners and losers of my trade week. The picture below is a screenshot of my trade activity ending on April 3, 2016.




Cormorant – This was an absolute surprise. The markup on this item this week was manic. At one point, this item was selling for a bit over 3mil ISK in Jita. Of course, the prices have calmed down to more historical levels.

Medium Cargohold Optimization I – I was fortunate to buy into this item with very favorable buy order prices and a quick turn around to sell.

Micro Jump Field Generator – I think I just caught this item on a manic acquisition phase of the null war at hand.

Meta 4 Weapons – With new players coming to the game for the first time, I expect the meta 4 module market to be quite kinetic.



Kestrel – I had a good run trading this item but I think it finally has run its course and I unfortunately got caught on the wrong end.

IFFA Compact Damage Control – This item saw wild price swings and I got caught holding too much and must now get back as much money back as I could.

Thanks for reading and all comments are welcome. I hope to be able to post trade reports on a weekly basis.


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