Trade Recap 4/24/16: Pulling The Trigger

This week’s trades have been very exciting. I talked about making moves to seed market hubs outside of Jita, and I finally made the commitment to do so in Ichoriya. In order to prepare for this move, I took some time to learn a little more about the target hub. I observed the following: Having […]


Trade Recap 4/17/16

I’m happy to report that this week had much more trade opportunities compared to last week. Whether it’s the pace of the current war or other market factors, the general spread of market prices has been the most generous that I’ve seen in a long time. Until this week, I was not able to comfortably […]

Trade Recap 4/10/16

This week in trade has seen less action than the previous week. I simply couldn’t get my buy orders to get matched as quickly as I did before. One notable change this week has been setting up more sell orders in Ichoriya. I’ve historically used this system to tap into the Caldari / Gallente Faction […]

Trade Recap 4/3/16

I am Roedyn and I trade regularly as a form of passive income to fuel my activities in game. One of the first things a new trader will often ask is, “what should I trade in?” Although simple, this question is not nearly as relevant as knowing WHY an item is good to trade in. […]